How Purpose Coin is using blockchain to revolutionize the non-profit economy.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is changing the world by making payments more efficient, cost-effective and more transparent.

There are a few industries that are in need of these developments more than the non-profit industry.

Donations around the world have helped thousands of charities fund incredible achievements and make the world a better place for millions of people.

However, the lack of cost-efficiency and transparency in the way that most charity donations are made is putting more people off from making donations, and preventing charities from helping even more people.

In many cases, there is a lack of belief that a significant proportion of charitable funds actually goes towards helping people. Indeed, when donating to international charities, the money can be eaten up by foreign transaction fees. Also, when donating to international charities in certain countries, there is often concern that the money might not make it to the intended cause at all.

Purpose Coin solves all three of these concerns

Purpose Coin has set up a system allowing donations to charities and non-profits to be made through its system on the WAVES blockchain. This solves all three of the concerns listed above. The tiny fees (less than one cent per transaction) charged on the WAVES blockchain ensures payments from all nations aren’t swallowed up by fees. The extra-secure nature of the blockchain can put worries of payments being intercepted to bed, while its transparent nature means donors can see exactly what their money has been spent on.

Using this blockchain system, Purpose Coin has set up an efficient micro-donation system set to help tens of thousands of charities per year. If this grows as expected, non-profits have a huge platform to increase awareness of their cause and a larger, more-reliable donor base as a result.

Purpose Coin intends to give out 10,000 Purpose Coins weekly over the next two years. The company has already donated over 1.1 million Purpose Coins to charities including:

We believe the micro-donation model will help great causes like these raise far more money from donations.

If 100,000 users could donate 60 cents a week, that could fund 1,000 non-profit workers helping people in need at no cost to these individuals, in what we like to call the ‘helpconomy’. It’s unrealistic for the micro-donation model to work on a mass scale with traditional charity payments, because of the amount of money taken in fees and charges.

With this model, the power is in the community. It takes strength in numbers for this micro-donation model to work, but with the ease of donating money via the WAVES platform, it’s more than possible. What’s more, Purpose Coin uses a stable utility token, which was created without an ICO, so it’s far less likely to be vulnerable to a wild swing in price.

If you want to help others by donating to the Purpose Coin cause, or are simply interested in learning about how Purpose Coin aims to revolutionize the non-profit industry, visit its website.

We at Purpose Coin believe that a new economic model called Helpconomy is possible. Join us on our mission to help millions of people and create a sustainable e

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