The coronavirus pandemic is a sharp reminder that healthy company profits are a byproduct of a healthy society, and vice versa, highlighting that corporations must have a clear and meaningful purpose if they are to survive and thrive.

Not so long ago, providing logistics and aid in responding to Hurricane Katrina was the catalyst for Walmart CEO, Lee Scott, to start transforming the way the company helps workers, engages with suppliers and sources its energy. A profit-only approach leads to a dead end - purpose helps in achieving sustained profits.

Given the current global situation, now is the perfect time to re-think the role of purpose and there are three (3) levels to this conversation. …

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If the level of engagement between your people and work teams is low, it leads to frustrations and, ultimately, resignations. This article draws on a real situation and recounts the five steps taken to design a solution.


Not so long ago I fielded a call from a contact whose role has moved into a newly created innovation unit. It supports all the other major business units within her organisation and she sees it as an exciting development. However she’s ringing me because the heads of the business units they deal with have unrealistic expectations of them.

High growth targets have been set for them without any detailed thinking about how they can be achieved. She feels like they are a dumping ground for the risk that no one else wants to own. …


Phil Preston

Guiding Purpose-Led Business || Navigating the New Economy

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