VR/Metaverse and the potential for adult content

4 min readJan 3, 2022

PurrNFT.com becomes the blockchain leader in adult content and launches into the Virtual Reality experience …

“Metaverse” as an idea makes one think that this sounds crazy, contrary to this if for once someone get ahold of a VR before, they must have had an intuition that the mighty internet was paving a path and probably sooner or later going towards this craziness on its own.

The physical world around us is atomized in particles that have byte dependent and based alternative approaches which give rise to metaverse. In terms of natural phenomenon and concepts, the metaverse cannot be expected to be a state of dystopia but will have some value as a utilitarian though this thinking can be to rely on major chunk and cannot be generalized to whole metaverse. All our physical senses that nature has granted us will always be in a weird connection with the metaverse. Hence, the integration of the senses of sight, hearing, and touch with digital elements of digital world will pave way toward expansion.

There exists a requirement to undertake operations, figure out expansion, and thrive the Metaverse. Both technological advancements and philosophical reasoning covers the span, any steps and progression towards any of area will assist to bring havoc in the economic condition of Metaverse. There is a need to understand that economy of Metaverse will not be dependent on the consumption of virtual content, any service structures that are powered or have delivery channel based virtually, and all type of material value assets that can be bought or sold on virtual systems to run smoothly and work efficiently.

If we look back to the times when Cable TV was introduced, it just didn’t get stranded to work on the level of resolution of broadcast-era series, it worked its way towards more specific niche, serialization was done, towards enabling masterpiece series also to establish great brands that will be remembered for years to come. Similar phenomenon was observed as games shifted from arcade to console, this all made it feasible for any game to be saved and any user can enjoy for hours at any time.

The worth of analyzing and studying different business models in Adult Content has always been closely considered towards innovative approaches and advancements in technology. Being an early adopter of advancement, Adult Content has always been on front seat of the car of innovation and in several cases in the driver set. The early days of internet specifically can be utilized as an analogy and must be kept in mind while going to imagine the metaverse.

Keeping all this in mind, we must have a point of view to visualize what gets beyond Metaverse content experiences amid the core it has today. Movie theaters going virtual, music inside virtual concerts, the battle royale games in virtual environments, cool thematic XR parks — all of this is awesome and cool but quite fairly incremental.

Few weeks ago, the star cofounder and CEO of Facebook (now Meta) made an announcement about his belief set which he can make and produce the metaverse, though the head of virtual reality, said he aims to incorporate “almost Disney levels of safety.” Considered as a big company with dep roots, Meta must be expected to be very hostile toward sex and all things. If the brains of Facebook take no step towards a new less rigid anti-sex terms and conditions of use over to the metaverse, the user will still have a boring influx of news feeds and no specific content of choice. If Facebook refuse the inclusion of any sort of sexuality inside their metaverse for all adult users, it’ll be a mess and will suck as Facebook is observed to already do.

If we look closely, there definitely is more care and affection from the general people and also from the investors on the development metaverse as a new complete space, though also it is justified to say that a new buzzword is in market called Metaverse. If we travel a little down to the memories of past so it becomes a bit sad reality to observe that the ideas and concepts general public has discussed and tech geeks were imagining about the future of the internet and VR are now kind of molding into almost similar ideas towards all users as the sought-after intellectual property of Facebook.

As the metaverse initiates the flight, many big tech firms will have to stumble over operating systems, and creation of unseen for barriers towards users. OnlyFans, that was seen to announce that they are now banning explicit content of sexual type. The company narrated their stance as, these changes they made are I order to satisfy the terms of use that their banking partners and payout providers have set. So, in response to such stance the NFTs and crypto is all set to cover the damage and bypass the local route of banking channels and payout providers.

PurrNFT is taking a serious place in the porn world with this VR/Metaverse launch initiative.




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