The Search for Happiness

poh crew

The notion that you must strive to smile is very counterproductive along with a waste of energy. Such a relief! You’re ready to release the quest for happiness, to allow go with the trying, and spot the resource already within you.

Zoltan Bathory

The hunt for happiness usually only a mind game we use ourselves. It is merely your brain that believes in the notion that ‘someday Let me get there, to be happy I simply need to accomplish this understanding that and after that I will be there.’ The issue this is not we’ve got these thoughts, it’s that we are completely identified using the mind and in actual fact rely on the thoughts. We presume our body-mind is who were and thus when these thoughts show up we experience them on every amount of our being as truth.

This concept that we are our body-mind and wish to ‘achieve’ happiness is one area we now have simply received with the society we live in. It really is clear any time were born, for your first few days or weeks we’re not even aware that you will find there’s body. We felt that we remained an integral part of our mother knowning that nothing existed outside that. Even outside physical objects were regarded as a part of us, we’d never known any different. The truly great element of this birth experience when we really take a look at is we had arrived there. The fact that was there? Our a sense existence was there. We were alive.

Through the brief time we didn’t have any connection to our body and even perhaps the mind, we still existed, we existed minus the mental blueprint of our own body-mind, i was simply here, present. And also the presence that’s there once you were born is identical presence that is certainly here with you right this moment, it can be deeper than your body-mind, it’s the life force running due to you now.