Hello Emily and Mateo.
Ali El Idrissi

I think your ideas are admirable and you may be able to change behaviour that way, I hope so, but! It’s a big but because people have always had the choices to be more sustainable and have chosen for the most part not to do so.

Let’s take a for instance. Planners have improved roads. Manufacturers have improved cars, the petrol consumption and the safety. And yet the roads are still carnage. In the UK driving is no longer a pleasure because so many drivers are rude, inconsiderate and speed. They speed everywhere. So everyone else has done their bit and yet again the majority of people make it miserable.

I am not victim blaming, I am stating that nothing will change until people take responsibility. As Santos Bonacchi says grow up and stop wearing nappies/diapers. Many people are like babies expecting someone else to think, care and take responsibility.

I don’t go with the we must help them, we must educate them, that’s been done, over and over and still we live in societies that are pretty dysfunctional. No this is grow up time, your time is up time.

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