President, Without Evidence, Claims U.S. Has Invisible Weapons To Fight Its Enemies
Allan Ishac

Interesting. Invisible weapons, mmm. Are you awake yet? Your President is a nutter and you the people are allowing this to happen, not intentionally but collectively through a conscious consensus.

As someone on a thread below mentioned he’s allowing more killing, more war, more destruction of the land, but is he? Or is it you?

Who allows the CEOs to run the companies that dump the rubbish into the air, into the water, onto the land?

Who pays the taxes that pay for the wars and the weapons?

Who consistently vote for puppets knowing they are owned by people who are not working in your best interests?

Who has allowed this to happen? Who has enabled a President of catastrophic stupidity to run the most powerful military machine in the world? Umm, I’m guessing the American people, but you might have other ideas. Another question, who is going to be able to stop this madness? Not by weapons, but by sheer numbers? My guess the people, it’s just they don’t know it yet as they are just too damn busy fighting amongst themselves.

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