What’s happening now won’t go on happening forever
Kris Gage

It’s funny how parents try to nail their kids to permanence, or to steady jobs, or to mortgages and see that as achievement and travelling the world, or doing a lesser paid, but more fulfilling job, as somehow of lesser value.

I met a young American in a band once. The band was doing a short tour of the UK. We got talking and he’d said how his parents were horrified he had got his degree and then joined a touring band. I was an oldish fart then but said no do it. There is always time to change to flow into something else, why miss the experience?

I finished my university stint at 49 and started a whole new career. I’ve just been accepted on a new and very exciting course and I’m now sixty something. I’m going to be sixty something until I’m seventy something.

I’m loving it, the flow goes on and then it changes again. Buckle up.

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