2 min readMay 14, 2022

Great things come from humble beginnings. There were few of us at the start, through open dialogue and keen debate we established the basis of a new society thanks to the reddit subthread <Link>.

We have laid the bedrock for a community, a community where cats and their people lead everyone to the very top. To the frontiers of what man could ever dream of, to boundaries of the unimaginable.

Together, we shall stand against the unfair advantage of dogs on CoinMarketCap, united and determined we shall prevail, claiming the throne of biggest gainers.

We reject the world where our cats are burdened with CoinMarketCap struggle and CoinGecko inequality, leaving PUSS with no other choice, but to ask our people and animals for faith and strength to act.

Let us be guided by the invisible hand of the market to achieve what is ours, to regain the position cats deserve. Let mankind decide who is worth the splendor and accolades.

Change is inevitable, hope is near. We envisioned the inevitable future where dogs and cats are created equal, where a pro-cat crypto community has the same rights as a dog inspired one.

Together, we shall strive for a better world, a world where bear markets are canceled, heavy bagholders nonexistent, coin maximalists friendly to each other.

A place where trading from a mom’s basement is not a shame, traders are only “in it for the tech”, a land of NGMI being replaced by the UP ONLY paradigm.

Mark my words, tomorrow knows no relentless shilling, pump and dump and working in McDonalds thanks to going “all in” in the late cycle.

Underperformers will overperform, laggards will become early adopters, the old will be pushed over the edge by the new.

PnL grows into P alone, supercycle never ends, ramen profitable traders get lambos and girlfriends — this is the view worth fighting for.

The tomorrow brings hope and change for those who never had it. $PUSS as a meme global reserve currency is closer than one can imagine.

Generational wealth and financial freedom is ahead of us, a promised land for true believers.

Are you ready to witness the change in the course of memecoin history?

The place at the top is limited, the final vote belongs to you.

United we meow, divided we hiss.

In $PUSS we trust.




Community-driven memecoin project based on the love for cats.