$PUSS to have first DAO vote

Static rewards- the good, the bad and the ugly

The first version of the PUSS Token has been designed to yield no reflections for holders to avoid any potential regulatory issues in the future. However, this may change due to the overwhelming opinion of the PUSS community and the soon-to-be-resolved DAO vote. On whether PUSS should pay out rewards from each transaction on Pancakeswap and transfer between wallets is left to the PUSS Comeownity.

The hard-coded PUSS rules for the smart contract assume it can be taxed in three ways:

  • to benefit its holders via static PUSS rewards
  • to add funds to a liquidity pool
  • to top-up DAO/ Charity Treasury

However, the final fee structure will be determined by the PUSS community due to PussDAO and the first successfully passed DAO proposal.

Currently, the PUSS liquidity pool is in test mode and has a 50% buy/sell fee to discourage automated trading and bot-sniping before the real launch of the PUSS Token. Furthermore, the token’s source code and LP is audited by Solidity.finance.

As soon as the IDO begins, the final amount of funds will be added to the liquidity pool, the fees will be reduced to zero, and then they will be changed as the DAO wishes.

The passive income from the reflections may prevent PUSS from listing on important CEXes such as Binance and Coinbase, limiting the available trading venues, hindering the growth of the project and thus preventing PUSS from reaching a wider audience.

However, the static rewards system is a very popular concept among meme coins, which encourages communities to grow in numbers and provides their members with additional incentives to promote the project and hold tokens longer.

Cats, it’s your call and your respawnsibility now

Each of three phases assumes the largest portion of taxes goes to holders, followed by tax for a liquidity pool contributing to a beneficial trading environment, and finally to the DAO/ Charity Treasury. The penalty for selling is clearly higher than the tax for buying in each case. After the end of the three 6-months phases, PUSS will no longer generate passive income for holders and the only 1% tax will be allocated to theDAO/Charity Wallet afterwards. It is hoped that this gives PUSS a better chance of listing on reputable centralized exchanges.

Lower taxes in the future could increase PUSS volume on decentralized exchanges and encourage whales to buy tokens. It can also potentially result in many more traders, trading with smaller size, being able to buy/sell PUSS in a timely manner, due to more acceptable slippage. For die-hard PUSS holders this will allow for a greater accumulation of reflections relative to trades made on $PUSS and enable for tokens to be sold during a more favorable tax period.

It takes time to form an engaged and dedicated community, and we want to foster healthy PUSS exchange over the long term with the proposed, time-dependent, decreasing fee structure. Indeed, the longer $PUSS exists in the market, the more favorable trading conditions it provides. Early adopters may have the added benefit from accrued reflections, late entrants will benefit from tokenomics enabling wider CEX availability, and small fees will empower healthy token distribution among the growing community.

Particularly with the potential future availability of trading on CEX, it is important that trade execution costs for PUSS are similar between CEX and DEX. Many prominent meme coins with high taxes have significantly lower trading volume on the DEX of first choice than on their native token pair, subsequently listed on centralized exchanges, preventing the token ecosystem from achieving sufficient decentralization.

We are happy to respond to any questions or comments and will provide any clarification if needed. Please visit the PUSS Telegram channel for further discussion https://t.me/pussdao

The voting will begin at 12:00 pm May 9, 2022 UTC and will last until 12:00 pm on May 10, 2022 UTC.

Proposed fee structures for $PUSS:

Buy / Sell / Transfer Tax: 10% / 15% / 10%

Buy Tax

5% Reflections, 4% LP Acquisition, 1% DAO/Charity Wallet

Sell Tax

8% Reflections, 6% LP Acquisition, 1% DAO/Charity Wallet

Transfer Tax

5% Reflections, 4% LP Acquisition, 1% DAO/Charity Wallet

6–12 months:

Buy / Sell / Transfer Tax: 5% / 8% / 5%

Buy Tax

2% Reflections, 2% LP Acquisition, 1% DAO/Charity Wallet

Sell Tax

4% Reflections, 3% LP Acquisition, 1% DAO/Charity Wallet

Transfer Tax

2% Reflections, 2% LP Acquisition, 1% DAO/Charity Wallet

12–18 months:

Buy / Sell / Transfer Tax: 2% / 4% / 2%

Buy Tax

1% Reflections, 0% LP Acquisition, 1% DAO/Charity Wallet

Sell Tax

2% Reflections, 1% LP Acquisition, 1% DAO/Charity Wallet

Transfer tax

1 % Reflections, 0 % LP Acquisition, 1 % DAO/Charity Wallet

18+ months:

Buy / Sell / Transfer Tax: 1% / 1% / 1%

0% Reflections, 0% LP Acquisition, 1% DAO/Charity Wallet

Should PussDAO change the PUSS tokenomics according to the proposed structure?

Vote YES/ NO on Snapshot with this link: <link>



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