Hiving it up…

As I sit down to write this blog I feel fairly composed and in control, the washing is on, as is the dishwasher and I’ve even thought about dinner later. It’s a good day. Unlike the morning, when I was rushing out of the door to go to work via the childminders with my 18 month son. Everything was hurried and there was a sense of looming failure. I had rushed his breakfast and put him in the car. A few minutes in and we said hello to his breakfast again. I pleaded car sickness to the shared nanny and quickly departed. Baby wipes are a godsend for moments such as those and so I carried on into work and pretended nothing ever happened. The smell never left me and the car was a mess. I could have cried about it then and now it’s material to write about.

Juggling the little things…

for everyone the juggling of life whether that’s work, partners, children or parents is a task that simply takes up time in itself. On a daily basis, we are prioritising what is important to us and trying to make it happen. And, that’s why I am passionate about pushing for flexible working for those who need and want it.

It’s not for every profession, granted, but if we think outside the usual boundaries of the job market we can start to embrace other ways of doing things. I remember feeling anxious about a teacher job share for my son at the local school but that worked out brilliantly. The two teachers had complimentary skills and the children loved both of them in different ways — a win win … So I think flexible working takes many guises. It’s not just about time and place, it is also about attitude and agreement between the employer and employee and a focus on outputs rather than hours.

Flex Appeal Campaign by @mother_pukka

I’m now trying my hand at freelancing, which gives me more control over my time while bringing up 3 children under the age of 10. But there are days when I miss the buzz of an office and feel quite isolated from the working world. I’m rushing from the school gates to get home and work but at home i feel like Billy no mates (who is Billy btw?) — I do miss being part of a community.

And that’s what Putney Hive is about?

It’s about bringing together the community of Mums, Dads, full timers, flexible workers and freelancers in Putney and SW London and offering inspiration and ideas about working, in the way they want, whether that’s freelancing or at the workplace. It’s about promoting flexible working for all, so that everyone who wants it, can grab a slice of the work/life balance.

Over the next few months I’m going to be offering up the best advice that I can find on returning to work, childcare and freelancing facilities in and around Putney. And for those who are already in work and wanting more balance, we will explore other career options such as freelancing and starting your own franchise. Putney Hive will showcase local companies that are helping to make flexible working a reality and hear from local people who are juggling the parent thing with work.

Follow us if you want to know more or share ideas about flexible working in and around Putney, or if you know of a company that is doing things differently, let us know and we’ll give them a shout out.

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