Paypro is founded in the year 2015, a platform for storage and payment currency crypto coupled with the burden of the cost. company regulations made based on Financial Conduct Autthority. In the first year of operational profit-per-month €500,000 with initial capital of €750,000.

Based on these experiences, the team realized the paypro payment in the banking industry are outdated. paypro team looking for information to the financial markets and financial experts from listening for changes. Finally beginning, Paypro, the first Bank Decentralization.


Paypro is decentralized bank created to take care of a new ecosystem, creating new value, with smart technology contracts. Thus, Paypro is decentralized to the financial market that everyone can post his Ministry. Paypro is also developing currency storage crypto. Users of financial market paypro can save currency crypto token and ERC-20.

After founding the Paypro, currency holder crypto ETH, BTC and Gas can use financial markets to investment in the form of paypro token. Therefore, all assets and liabilities of individual crypto will be represented by paypro.


The core function of paypro should have the ability to store the value of the currency of the crypto and remove it. For those reasons, we set up the first banking platform.

Application of Decentralization (dApp)

Paypro approved crypto for some currency saved. by using the user’s wallet, Ethereum paypro can store 100 currency crypto. Paypro team developing iOS applications to support wallet paypro. This application can be PAYPRO PRODUCTS downloaded 25181484? l = ca & ls = 1 & mt = 8

Token Paypro (PYPs)

PYPs token will be the main currency in the ecosystem and to facilitate transaction marketing. The main purpose of the token PYPs i.e. holder of the token can use political rights and other uses.

  • Plotik rights holder, the holder of the token PYPs token can propose new design which can be added or deleted from the new version of the Protocol. And the holder ofthe token being able to adjust for inflation the token. Based on the above rights, the decision is still the main promoter as Paypro management and group token holder.
  • The usefulness of Other Token PYPs, all services offered in the marketing and transaction costs will be at the wear on the holder of the token.

Paypro token will be the main crypto currency and will facilitate exchanges with many other currencies in the application of dApp.


in a period of ico, anyone can contribute to, whether as participants bounty camapign. participants of the pre-sale. and become a participant of the sale of the token.

  • To become a participant of the campaign baounty you can follow him at BitcoinTalk:
  • In the period of pre-sale; participants will be given a special discount of 35% for paypro amounting to 600 participants first, with minimum terms of 15 ETH. for participants who cannot participate in the pre-sales period can still enjoy bonuses through the method;

— — During the first 24 hours bnus token 20%,

— — During the first week the bonus token is 15%,

— — During three-week bonus token 10%.

  • Period sales of tokens; will commence on 8 December 2017 hours 21.00 GMT and will finish on 31 January 2018 hours 21.00 GMT.

Facebook: /thepaypro 
Twitter: @thepaypro 
Telegram — Direct: @payproapp | Channel: @payproico 

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