Writing ain’t easy. Especially when the words are in your head but not in your fingers. Beginning the journey of writing. Small and incompetent. Let it be.

A story, advise, wisdom a day goes a long way. I will write, we will write. Seneca the younger, (c. 4 BC — AD 65), Stoic Philosopher wrote more than 100’s of books. With the distraction of technology and social media, we invent excuses. Plus, being creative at it.

“The first draft of anything is garbage.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

Write, regardless good or bad, its in our blood since Thoth, God of writing and knowledge (c. 6000–3150 BCE) from Ancient Egypt.

“Half of what I’ve wrote is garbage, but if I don’t write it down, it decomposes in my mind.” ~ Jarod Kintz

Write not to publish, but for the sake of pouring your soul into records. For you, it might be useless. To others, it might be their life safer. Time never stops, so should be your writings. As time allows, your words will turn from shit to diamond.

Take care~