Day #2 second blog ever….. I am the puzzle queen. I can’t sleep which happens often. I had a hard day at work. I am a supervisor at a major Freight Forwarding Company. I have been in my current location for less then a year and I have been with the company I work for for 10 years. I really do love my job. It’s just days like this that suck. I am the coverage when my employees are off. Not only did I have to cover an employee’s shift. I had 3 meetings. Then on top of it had to do my own job….

The day started normal. Airline recoveries, customs, dealing with brokers, you know etc. Freight Forwarding stuff ha ha lol… Then I had to deal with this assh*le from Egypt. Lately it seems like he is monopolizing my time….. After that I had my first meeting. This meeting was not interesting at all…… it was an in person meeting with a sales rep from an airline….. immediately after I had my second meeting and that one actually kinda tied into my first. Except the fact that the sales rep was no longer involved. This one was a conference call….. boring….. I had and hour to fit in as much as I could and then I started my last meeting…. This one is a team meeting which I enjoy. They only crappy part is the meeting lasted 2 hours…… I got no lunch today and didn’t get my work completed. The good news is I have to go to work on Sunday now…. (Not good news at all… )

Alright enough about me….. Truth hurts and I don’t need to be thinking about work anymore…. Hope yall have a good night.