6 Things You Can Learn From The Avengers About Web Design

We are sure you have already watched Avengers: Age of Ultron, but do you know each of the superheroes can actually teach you something about web design?

Let us quickly jump into the learnings.

Iron Man

Trust your own intuition. Tony Stark Iron Man is a badass, he is rich, smart, talented, and also a superhero. But above all, the core of his success, he has an idea and he just go and do it, never swayed by other’s opinions. Remember the time he went against everyone and (spoilers!) persuaded the Hulk, Bruce Banner to help him create Ultron, followed by The Vision? Granted sometimes things turn ugly (Ultron), but you never know the good impact you can make unless you trust your own ideas about the design.


A good design always wins. Hulk is the only superhero who cannot communicate well, in fact his vocabulary stops at probably 5 years old, but his muscles are insane. I am pretty sure most Singaporean guys in the gym wants to achieve half of what Hulk has. But the point here is, if you have good design skills(muscles), you do not even need to speak much and you are already a badass web designer (superhero). Hence, never stop honing your aesthetic skills as a web designer. If you want to check out some articles to let you design better, consider our earlier article about typography in web design.


Never be too proud. Thor started off as an egoistic jerk, thinking that he is the King-to-be of Asgard. But throughout his storyline, you see this proud prince being much more humble, although he still self-proclaim to be the only “worthy” one for his hammer. In web design, clients often have many requests and criticism about your design, stay up for what you believe but never let your ego get into the way.

Captain America

Share your learnings. Cap is a man with very different background, felling asleep for 70 long years and awake to find most of his loved ones dead or dying. Yet he is never afraid to share what he learnt to others in terms of loyalty, teamwork and belief. Be it clients or co-workers, share your web design values with them so that you can educate them and also make them understand why you do certain things. Although it is not really in the Singapore culture to share openly what we think, who is stopping you from sharing in the first place? Check out this article about how sharing make you work better with clients.

Black Widow

Think ahead. Black Widow is cool, but she is not as strong physically than any other superheros. Yet she can toy around with Loki in the first Avengers movie and make Tony Stark look bad by being a spy in his company. Think about it, she was almost never caught in a disadvantageous position before, this is because she is always prepared for things. Yes this maybe an assassin skill, but hey web designers need ninja training nowadays to manage the challenging job landscape.


Learn from mistakes. Hawkeye was always the one to suffer at first. First he was brain-washed by Loki in the first Avengers movie, then he got his ass kicked by Quick Silver in the second one. But hey, guess who was the ONLY Avenger to not be brainwashed by Scarlet Witch? This guy is a human, but he improves after every fight. As a web designer, we level ourselves up from our mistakes.