A Parent’s Guide to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Children and Sleep

Shhh… (Image by Tara Raye on Unsplash)

If a child is not sleeping well, neither are the parents

Sleep requirements change throughout childhood and adolescence

Total sleep duration over 24 hours at different ages. Chart and data from the Zurich Longitudinal Study published in Pediatrics by Ivo Iglowstein and colleagues. The chart uses percentiles to show the proportion of children sleeping specific durations.

Newborns have irregular sleep schedules

Sleeping patterns gradually shift until children reach adulthood

Resisting bedtime and night wakings are the most common sleep challenges, and they are both learned behavior

Overcome bedtime resistance with a consistent bedtime routine

Nobody sleeps through the night — self-soothing is the goal

A Hypnogram shows the stages of the sleep cycle. Each night we cycle through several distinct phases of sleep punctuated by brief awakenings. (Image by RazerM on a creative commons license.)

Sleep training methods can be used to overcome frequent night wakings

Bizzare nocturnal behaviors are common in childhood and usually resolve on their own

With the right knowledge, parents don’t need to be sleep-deprived anymore

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