Most Homeowner Insurance Claims are Weather Related

I’ve been in the personal insurance industry for three decades. I’ve seen scores of home owners who suffer claims related to fire or theft. But the most common claims come from weather incidents.

According to the Insurance Journal (April 2016) the most common claims from 2009–2015 are as follows:

  • Wind damage to the exterior of home 25% of all losses
  • Non-weather water damage like plumbing or appliance failures = 19%
  • Hail 15%
  • Ice and melting snow = 11%

Many of these events are beyond your control. Bad weather incidents happen all year round. You can be proactive and prepare your property for an unfortunate weather-related event. Here’s a few suggestions for you to consider this summer to protect your property:

  • Trim or remove trees that are close to your home.
  • Clear leaves and debris from drainage areas that can cause clogging
  • Check inside furnaces and pipes to make sure there is no deterioration that may cause pipe freezing or cracking at weak joints in the cold of winter.
  • Keep gas grills a safe distance away from your home or deck area.
  • Make sure appliances are running smoothly, including proper maintenance of water hoses and fixtures. If hoses are beginning to show signs of wear, replace them before they burst.

If you suffer a home insurance claim you may be subject to increased prices or even cancellation. Be proactive and try to eliminate potential claims by safeguarding your home this summer.