What Holly Heard said.
Svetlana Voreskova

Uh? Don’t you realise you are the one making it into a race, anti-white issue? The “white” thing came around in that woman’s post as a framework for the discussion, not as the white-demonising you pretend it to be.

Let me illustrate with an analogy: Person X lives in a building infested with rats. Person Y, an urban historian comes around and states that tales of rats in that building through history have been greatly exaggerated. Person X takes issue because she’s the one living among the rats and is not amused by Y’s attempt to diminish her plight. X challenges Y, presents evidence of the rats in her building and then makes an Internet post exposing Y after Y is discovered trying to secretly ruin X’s reputation for daring to challenge her. She frequently alludes to Y’s /not/ living in a rat-infested building as a plausible reason why Y is so quick to dismiss someone else’s claim of rats.

So now tell me: will you criticise X for being such a blatant anti-non-ratian-ist? Point out how her post is nothing but a veiled attempt to express her hatred towards those living in houses without rats? Especially taking into account that you yourself (if your photo is accurate) live in a house without rats?

Seriously, there is a grown-up woman who tried to destroy the future of a student because she dared to politely challenge her in an academic way and your more pointed criticism is for the student? To paraphrase your words: A black woman rightfully criticised and exposed a white woman using the word WHITE? Quick, shackle the hateful anti-white rebel!

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