You have an incredibly naive and idealistic view of the world.
One Tongue Johnny

I finished my master’s degree about 17 years ago. Again, you’re making a lot of assumptions about who I am and my world view. You’ve made an ad hominem attack without addressing the point at hand.

I am very aware that some people are greedy and power hungry, but the EU is not a great environment for those types of people to flourish without resistance. It’s possible that EU bureaucrats could accumulate considerable power, but I don’t think individual member states would tolerate that. The EU constitution would have to be seriously eroded before that could happen.

What is the position that you’re arguing from? That the EU is somehow dictatorial? I accept that the EU could become dictatorial in the future, but I don’t believe it is now, and I don’t think that’s likely to change soon. The EU has done more to protect the rights of workers and consumers than the British government has in a long time. I see no evidence of the EU restricting press freedom.

If you’re worried about right wing populism (as I am), I would say that populists are more likely to break up the EU than turn it into a dictatorship. Populists have already caused Brexit, and European populists like Le Pen want to bring their respective countries out of the EU.

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