The EU did nothing at all to prevent DC’s humanitarian aggression in the Balkans.
One Tongue Johnny

Do you think they should have let Serbian militias commit genocide unimpeded?

The West’s biggest failing in the Balkan wars was when the rules of engagement were initially so restrictive that UN peace keepers had to stand by and watch while civilians were slaughtered. I’m pissed off about many Western interventions in other countries, but in the Balkans, intervention saved a lot of lives.

Look, I’m not saying the EU is perfect. No government is going to satisfy everyone, and they will all make mistakes. But I do believe that the EU is less dangerous than many other governments. The French and German governments didn’t join in the war in Iraq because they thought Bush’s case for war was nonsense.

Europe is big enough to stand up to the US and say no. Tony Blair didn’t say no to Bush because he feared damaging the ‘special relationship’.