Wow, I’m stunned.
Cynthia Salmon Newcomb

That couple was anything but patient. They were the literal opposite of it — making ugly comments about the mother because they had to wait behind her in line. That couple was anything other than thankful. They did the literal opposite of love; not only did they hate, they made sure she was aware of their burning hatred for her for existing in their vicinity with “too many” children.

This article was about people like the couple — who are not patient but should be, who are not loving but should be, who are not humble but should be. You and the author are agreeing, except for the fact that your heart is also filled with hate as you call her nasty names to try to raise your own status. I guess veiling disgusting hatred as love (“I’m loving, that’s why I’m calling you arrogant and self-righteous!”) is a Christian trait though — although not the Christianity that the original author follows.