I’m not sure what more you think I could have done.
Roni Jacobson

Sorry for the horrendously late reply. My post was supposed to be more of a one-off reply that wasn’t suppose to be taken as offensive, or controversial for that matter. Like mikenola08 and gommer strike pointed out in their replies to ST’s response, the purpose of my post was to indicate points where taking a different approach in the future will help deescalate the situation, for you and others in a similar situation. As you said, many of the events that I highlighted are during the time period where you and Danny were still basically friends. In truth, he was already (on the path of) stalking you at this point. I wouldn’t recommend trying to handle the situation on your own past the “friends” stage. Past that point, I recommend getting in touch with advocacy lawyer as well as law enforcement, in that order. Advocacy lawyers tend to work for non-profits and will probably be overworked, but they will definitely take your concerns seriously. An advocacy lawyer does not have to wait for a crime to occur before they can do something about the situation, unlike a police officer.

Anyways, I hope life will get (or has gotten) better for you. A word of personal advice though: it is easier to spot the early indicators if you assume the possibility that anybody you interact with might have a thing for you. The bonus feature of thinking that way is a more positive self-image. 2-birds, 1 stone. Hope all this helps you and others.

The world is not safe or fair, sad but true. Best wishes to you. I’ll make sure to keep an eye on this email account for the next month or so in case you reply. I don’t normally keep tabs on it, which is why this reply is so late. :)

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