How to become a developer and get your first job as quickly as possible
Sam Williams

Great article! I’ve been practicing coding on and off for two years, and heading into 2019 I am increasing my practice volume.

It took me a while to realize Front End Web Development was a lot easier for me to learn than data science with Python. This year, learning HTML5 and ever-improving in CSS3 helped prepare me for JavaScript. There are a lot of similarities between JavaScript and Python, except thanks to how Front End works, I’m able to understand concepts a lot more easily when I’m applying them real time to a page that is right in front of me.

I’m even starting a new job today, interning in IT. This post was the perfect start to a morning that also begins a brave new journey. Heading into 2019 this week, I now have a clear cut path for improving my JS and project management skills.

Thanks for this well-written article! And happy new years