Python, Data Sci, & My Present Situation

I wish this was my life, but it’s only my Wednesday.

Well, first of all, this is my third post in as many months, so I might as well write about 3 main topics:

  • My Present Situation — I am currently under water with my job. I drive for hours on end, which I hate. I have no peers, so basically I’m alone, and am for the first time realizing that I’m just NOT cut out for wasting my life in a car listening to The Joe Rogan Podcast. I think my job greatly represents a prison cell (on wheels). Selling, training, and merchandising for a billion-dollar computer company via third party labor has me feeling like I am making chump change, as upper management makes far more doing far less. I have been 100 times happier making less in the past, so it is finally time for me to re-investigate my short-term future, school, alternative jobs at the career center, skills-acquisition, etc.
  • Python — I flew through the Learn Python 2 the Hard Way book. This was mostly because I was sick of the guy’s voice telling me what to do. I’m kidding. Zed Shaw is a great instructor. However, he’s teaching me contemporary technology from 10 years ago. For that reason, I purchased his LP3THW book, since it’s at this rate the only relevant thing I can read by him.

……….. — I believe learning a programming / computer language is very similar to learning a language. Let’s say Python 2 is like Spanish. Well, Python 3 is like Portuguese; it’s got a lot in common, but the syntax is still very different. You will say one thing that will not register, even though the right way to say it is VERY close — there is no cigar involved.

….…….. — For me, my dilemma is still with figuring out WHAT I should learn. What should I learn with Python? What about Data Science? What should I do to get a job NEXT WEEK? If that’s not realistic in the industry, then what about NEXT MONTH? Should I get a job in a crap industry next week, and change my lifestyle to live more happily for my first entry-level tech job NEXT YEAR? The questions go on.

….….…. — However, the ball keeps rolling. Tomorrow night, I am taking Python Programming 201 at General Assembly. I just completed my first EDX course- an Intro to Python for Data Science, provided by Microsoft and Data Camp, course.

……….… — I am more than mildly away that this method of blog-writing looks incredibly shitty. I will abandon it once I finish this blog. Bare with me. :)

  • Data Sci — I learned a little more about Python libraries and how they relate to Data Science. From the EDX course I learned a bit about matplotlib, numpy, and pandas. I learned that one big different between lists and arrays kind of look like this: lists[1] + lists[2] = lists[1, 2], and arrays[1] + arrays[2] = arrays[3]. See the difference? Well, this type of thing seems important, because it is, in many ways. There is a time and a place for either, and you are able to use array from importing numpy. I am not certain, but I am pretty sure that array is a function of the numpy library.

…………. — One cool thing about these packages were being able to finally utilize data and incorporate it into visualization. I briefly learned how to input data for x and y, import it on a matplotlib package, and show the world how fat I was getting over the course of five years.

I am projected to get fatter.

…………. — I am aware that I don’t get know how to properly explain what I’ve learned, being that I haven’t learned it enough to honestly say “I know it.” Rather, I know of it. That is why I am continuing my progress, but I am going back to the beginning. This time around, I am taking the time to document the categories relevant to learning Python 3. I plan on writing script as I go this time. It’s just that… I couldn’t write anything in Python 3 after completing the EDX course! Because I learned Python 2.

  • EDX used the IPython Shell, meaning it was very similar to CodeCademy. However, it was much more informative, and it damn well should have been after costing $100.
  • From this point on, I would for sure recommend Data Camp over CodeCademy (sorry CodeCademy.) Maybe I will eventually go back to it, but I have so far had my best experiences with the former.


Conclusion: I am learning in undesirable spurts due to my undesirable job. I am re investigating my life, because I think school would be better than what I’m doing right now. However, bills exist and need to be paid, so I think one of my first directions need to be getting a good job. The morale of this story is that BALANCE IS KEY. If you are teaching yourself something, you need to learn the right way. If you work too much and have to cram, then take a week off and have to get back to it, you are barely learning anything. You. will. learn. at. a. s.n.a.i.l.s. pace.

  • This is not snail programming. This is python programming. And as for data science, if you cannot research a solution to your own problems, then how will you ever discover and communicate solutions to problems more important than your shitty job, Jon?