Week November 4–11, 2017

No Doubt in my mind that this new set-up will improve my performance and efficiency.

So, this week I feel I made baby steps in improving my learning abilities.

I bought a desktop. Wanted to build one, but time is of the essence, and my rig build was $900, versus the clearance item I bought for $500. I will eventually add RAM and SSD to mine, but it currently gets the job done like nobody’s business. Well, anybody’s business who reads this, I guess.

I finally have rough draft desk top. I have 2 ASUS monitors connected to a light-up Razer mechanical keyboard and Mamba mouse, and a brother printer.

I am already able to multi-task much more easily. It also helps working on a desk in my room rather than on the kitchen table, where poor/awkward posture always distracted me after not too long. My neck still gets a bit sore but that’s why roses have thorns, and pansies are pansies. I’ll get passed it.

I currently downloaded the free videos supplied from LPTHW 3, so I am currently watching his (Zed’s) video on set-up, which is easier now that I’ve done it a few times.

Presently, my rig has: Anaconda Python, Notepad++, Power Shell, and Atom all pinned to the Windows 10 task bar.

Also, midweek I met with an older friend and a new friend. Together, I worked on Python 3 as they worked on C and JavaScript, respectively. The annoying thing was being so tired and unable to learn, as they were clearly much more intermediate than I could hope to be (then). Basically, they gave me enough knowledge that I had a semi-nervous breakdown, but it was good.

Buddha once said you don’t become wise surrounded by fools, but a fool can become wise if he surrounds himself with wise men.

I’m sure he meant women too.

Back to coding though. Will document process soon.