OOOOOr… Maybe “RICK” should have said something was bothering him.

I agree with every responder saying it IS the company’s responsibility to look after their employees. They are an asset that you need to care for, and companies have a duty of care for their workers, not least out of self-interest.

The minute “Rick” changed his ways from being helpful to others to becoming introvert and closing his door was the minute management should have intervened. They didn’t. They failed — BIG time. (Note that the article stated that management was fired BEFORE Rick was let go.) Rick used to be a team player but it was drilled out of him because the people that initially came to him for help with their problems (Rick coaching others) started dumping their problems on Rick. The rest of the team was going the easy route. What the hell were THEY working on??

Rick berating others is another point where management should have intervened. Situations like that cannot be let going on for weeks or months. This company clearly had no proper grievance procedure in place. It’s just sad how so many people become managers without knowing how to handle and support their reports. I’ve seen a few like that in my time, and it ain’t pretty.

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