The best option for a part-time student

  • Every year at the end of the college entrance examination or university students, there will be a desire to earn money through their own efforts, exercise their own abilities, and can also subsidize the household. But decided to the development of modern economy, a lot of units are not willing to hire this extreme lack of work experience and stability can not be work of students, it also gave the students a great block, on the way to integrate with the society, they want to set up a roadblock.
  • Finding a satisfying job is a lot harder for students who want to work part-time. In fact, part-time jobs in the student days can not only give students some experience, but also improve their social practice ability, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone. So the bitJob platform creates a platform to find work and as much as possible to find a job that you’re happy with. This platform is based on open and transparent two-way selection of employment, which is guaranteed by the signing of contract with the employer and the union, and really provides the excellent work platform for students. For students, the daily busy academic life may give them some theoretical experience, but it can’t provide some practical basis for them. And this platform can enable students to study the professional knowledge and practice closely together, thus realizing the close integration of practice and theory.
  • Many newly graduated college students come to work and get a bad review from their boss. Why? Because they don’t can perserve to finish their work, but the platform at the same time of providing students with working platform, also ensure the quality of supervision and they will go to finish their work, because employers will be displayed in the evaluation of their real user record of this platform. While the students are working at the same time, the employer will give them a reputation according to their performance, so the purpose of bitJobs is to urge students to finish their work tasks better and better. Want to know, students personal reputation in the platform, the better, they will be able to obtain a higher price in an hour of work, this is not only the students’ motivation to work hard, is the real purpose of part-time earn money, they finally get a better practical experience is the real meaning of part-time.
  • Actually, bitJobs purpose is to let students to arrange their own free time to make money, not only can improve the students’ practical ability, can help students in the future competition in the society to provide the core competitiveness, as a distributed P2P job site, bitJobs can change students’ delay symptoms, don’t let they face difficulties in future competition, will enrich their work experience and resume, improve the market competitiveness in the future.
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