Do you know who money is?

Growing up I attended public and private schools, public a bit longer than private. Honestly the major difference in the two was tuition. I know that’s not the same story for all, however it was mine. The biggest thing I wish I would have learned in school is money. None of my schools including college (probably more my choice) had courses on personal finance. At the age of 33 I now look back and am personally hurt by this fact, almost feel like I was set up to fail. The sink or swim mentality can be very effective in many areas, however I just don’t feel that money, as important as it is in the average adults life is the place for the sink or swim perspective. Did the schools I went to expect for my mom to teach me how to handle money? Probably, but that was a horrible assumption! Being a single mother raising two boys working three jobs, it just wasn’t realistic. Fast forward to 2016 most parents are too busy to cook dinner, so do schools think that they have time for financial home schooling? I sure hope not! Sadly however today’s parents cannot rely on the seemingly devolving education system to teach them about what is arguably the most relevant topic that can possibly be taught especially when they are doing things like cutting recess, physical education, and cursive writing. As a father of five, parents, I’m calling you out! If you are money savvy, be sure to do all you can to pass that financial swagger to your children. If you’re like me, and are starting your cash classes later in life, don’t fret, keep pushing, and be sure to pass every single lesson on to your children. Now for those of us who don’t yet have children or have yet to begin our courses in finance ed, transform into a human sponge soaking up all the knowledge you can. It’s out there in book form, audio form, with coaches & consultants. I’ll give you guys a head start, I recently interviewed a financial counselor/consultant by the name of Ashley Narcisse, she shared with the world for free what many hold seminars and charge for. I encourage you to check it out despite the episode being free, it’s extremely valuable!

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