Investor bought the house for 800 BTC and later sold it to buy 50 BTC

QB Exchange
Aug 16 · 2 min read

Twitter user under the nickname Captain Bitcoin told about his sad experience associated with the “premature” use of cryptocurrencies in the real estate market.

He told his story in correspondence with another user, who told about the sale of one of his apartments for the purchase of cryptocurrencies. What kind of crypto asset was discussed is unknown, but the message gave rise to a discussion in which other participants shared similar experiences.

Captain Bitcoin wrote that he “sold his house” and this aroused the interest of other users.

“In 2015, I sold 800 BTC and bought a house for the family “ he began the story. — In 2018, I sold this house and bought 50 BTC. If you think I’m crazy, you’re wrong. I only regret that I sold my bitcoins in 2015. Real estate investment is garbage compared to bitcoin.”

If we carry simple mathematical calculations, you can find out that in the middle of 2015 bitcoin was trading at about $200. That is, from the sale of 800 BTC Captain Bitcoin earned $160 000, for which it was possible to buy a house at the prices of that time. In mid-2018, 800 BTC already cost $5 million, while the house in terms of the then rate rose to about $300,000, which is not even close to the growth of the first cryptocurrency. However, it is necessary to correct the inaccuracy of calculations, because there are several unknown quantities.

QB Exchange

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