Raising My Baby…With Three Dads
Lori Tipton

Three dads rule in my house too.

We have two adopted children, a boy who will be 7 in October and his biological sister who will be 4 in January. We were in the deliver room when they were both born and have not been out of their sight since the day they came into this world. My partner and I have a housemate who is equally a dad to our children and he will always be their “Papa.” We have long believed that it does take a village to raise children who are socialized, respectful, loving and well rounded individuals. Often times must take on the role of “Mommy” because my daughter hears “mommy” at daycare from her classmates. Having a daughter forced me to learn how to French braid hair, do the nail polish, pick out girlie things for a very girlie girl. Its what you do to be the best possible parent for your children. As a parent, I love that we get to role play because I believe it helps our children develop their imagination abilities further.

We sometimes get strange looks from people who will recite the old movie title to us, “Three men and a baby” in doing so they are desperately trying to figure out who is who in this relationship. I get people’s curiosity, but how our family looks to outsiders doesn’t effect us, we are on a mission to raise our kids to be amazing citizens in our community. As parents know, raising kids is tough, but it is one of the greatest things we have ever done in our lives.

Bravo to you Lori Tipton on choosing what is best for your son and your nuclear family.

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