I know new readers are daunted by the vast library of guides, and the immense quantity of helpful advice they can find on my blog. To help all you noobs out there, I’ve put together a list of my very best to get all you started.

  1. Old Qfwfq’s Guide To Breathing
  2. QFWFQ Presents: Animals That Exist
  3. Qfwfq’s Guide to “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” ft. Will Smith
  4. QFWFQ and Jay Cutler of The Chicago Bears, In Association With Phillip Morris and Western Family, Present: The Best Cigarettes To Smoke With Brunch
  5. QFWFQ’s Guide To The Present
  6. QFWFQ Presents: Mitt Romney as “The Man From La Mancha”
  7. Qfwfq’s Guide To Words That End In “ecto”
  8. Qfwfq Presents: -i, Imaginary Racist
  10. Old Qfwfq’s Guide to Native Son
  11. QFWFQ’s Guide To: Manṭiq-uṭ-Ṭayr And Other Persian Myths
  12. QFWFQ And I: A Guide to The Musicals of The 50's
  13. A Supposedly Fun Thing Qfwfq Will Never Do Again: Why David Foster Wallace Is Wasting Your Time and Is Laughing About It In Heaven With Jesus and James Joyce.
  14. Bones And You: QFWFQ’s Guide to DIY Bone Removal
  15. QFWFQ Walks You Through: Quitting Methadone
  16. QFWFQ Walks You Through: Quitting Tamiflu
  17. QFWFQ Walks You Through: Weaning Yourself Off OldSpice— The Morning, Noon, And Night Method
  18. QWFWFQ HOW TO: Throw A Kick Ass End-of-Fiscal-Year Rave!
  19. QFWFQ Reviews: BlueMan Group
  20. QFWFQ’s Guide To Growing Roots From Anywhere
  21. QFWFQ’s Guide to Frolf

Please note: This is a best of — to this point! Keep coming back for more helpful hints about existence in general.

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