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Below are the questions and answers from our AMA session on September 1. Be sure to join our Telegram group and follow our Twitter for more content on these topics and much more.

Whats the grand vision with the project, where do you see the project in the mid term, say in one year?

The grand vision is to provide a suite of services that will allow people to invest in crypto markets in more profitable and less risky ways. If the market continues to grow, more generalized solutions will need to be created that can accommodate these less mature…

We are proud to announce a partnership with CoinMerge. CoinMerge is a revolutionary platform to provide DeFi investors with all the tools and data they need, like token info, charts, and live chats. Adding native swaps completes their vision of “Chat, Chart, and Swap”. CoinMerge will integrate QFinance’s brand new, cutting-edge multi-swap router into their upcoming platform.

QFinance will benefit from CoinMerge’s substantial community, bringing our service to thousands of users. The service will leverage our brand new multi-swap router, which will be launching in the coming weeks, and will be directly integrated in the CoinMerge platform. We are pleased that CoinMerge has chosen to partner with us and show support and confidence in our multiswap technology, the core of the new QFinance V2 Protocol.


Exchange-traded funds, known as ETFs, are extraordinarily popular among traditional market retail investors. Developed throughout the 1980s, the idea has exploded since then to become the number one way that retail investors invest their money in the United States. And for good reason. The charts of SPX500 and Nasdaq (QQQ) ETFs show a virtually consistent growth pattern that would provide returns of many multiples over an average investment lifetime. Many companies grew and died in that time, but the structure of the ETF made it so that the investors are exposed to the rising tide of the entire vertical —…


Trustless, decentralized investment pools on Ethereum and BSC. Portfolios by and for the People. #DeFi. Community:

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