How to Get the Best Deal on Your Next Car

Hi! How are you today? Welcome to BMW, my name is Quentin. What brings you in today?

“I’m looking for a good deal”

Ok, lets stop right there. So I have been a Client Advisor for a variety of different brands including; BMW, Maserati, FIAT, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep & Ram for a 4 years now and this statement is one that plagues a great majority of my initial interactions with clients at all of the dealerships I have worked.

Do you walk into the grocery store butcher counter and when he asks, what can I get for you today? and respond with ‘whats your best deal?’ How about at the gas station when pumping gas? At your local bar? Ok…so we always ask about the specials at the bar but I digress!

Want to know how to get the best deal? Use these three tips!

  1. Know what you want! Options/features (or perhaps a specific model or two)
  2. Actually GO INTO a dealership
  3. Know about YOUR options to pay for it


So many clients come in to see me and when I ask the question, “What is important to you in the car features/options wise?” I get a deer in headlights look. One of my jobs as a Client Advisor is to know my inventory so I can best help my clients. If I don’t know what you want in a car, it make it incredibly hard to help you.

Before venturing out have a list of your must haves and share that with the advisor. Moonroof, leather, sedan, coupe, number of car seats that can fit, enough room for 2 sets of golf clubs, etc. Now when asked what do you want in your next vehicle you have a basis to work off to get the most for your money.


The digital world we live in it is super easy to shop for everything from socks, groceries, new computers and more. When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, at some point you have to go into the dealership. When you are ready to buy set up an appointment at he dealership, with the client advisor with the most positive reviews on etc. and go in. Sure we are set up to take your emails and send numbers that way BUT let me tell you, you want the best deal? Go in.

Q! Why on earth would I do that when I could do it from the comfort of my iPad at the local Starbucks around the corner sipping on my $6 Caramel Chip Mocha Frappuchino?! Well, because what is the first question a Client Advisor gets asked by his sales manager when he asks for numbers? First, the manager gets excited because he gets to work a deal! “GREAT! Where are they? Did you go on a test drive in the car? Are they at your desk?” (breif pause) Ummm no its an internet lead they are just curious about numbers on this vehicle. Your presence in the dealership demands the managers attention and you can use this to your advantage. He’s willing to sharpen his pencil when you are there versus with the internet client its like dealing with a hope and a dream. In the dealership you are a reality! They will work to help you get the best deal, trust me!


Whether you have been saving for 4 years and sitting on cash in the bank to stroke a check for your shiny new wheels or have planned to take on a car payment, KNOW YOUR BUDGET! In addition, know how much you can get for your money.

POP QUIZ….what is the payment for a $25,000 car with not money down at 60 months with the current average rate?!?

Are you ready?

ANSWER: $500

It has not been uncommon in my last 4 years in this business to run into the “well im looking for a car spending about $25,000 on it.” I always respond with GREAT! So you are looking to finance or pay cash. “Finance”. Great choice! Rates are at all time lows right now. Any money down? “Oh no…well maybe 1000–2000 if needed.” Always good to have a little prepared! So financing, what kind of payment are you budgeting for. “oh about 300–350…”

EEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR…..This is where the ride comes to a screeching halt. If we look at the math earlier there is no way you will get there. So in recap hop on a car payment calculator on Google and know how far your money will get you! Everyone has a budget and we know that. Knowing your limits and letting the client advisor know that is a big help to you both!

Lastly, if you want the best deal, go with an open mind!

I am not saying abandon your list of important features/options, or buy a convertible when you really need a vehicle that fits five people. The old saying, the deals are on the lot reigns true. Telling your client advisor you need X, Y, Z, A, B & C he may pull up a car you never considered, and it may be better than you ever expected!

I would say 75% of my amazing clients drive away with a model they didn’t originally picture, different color combination or that has more or less options on it. Know your hard limits and share that. My job, as many out there, is to help you get the best vehicle for you that makes you smile every time you start it!

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Thanks for reading!

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