QIFL Investopedia Challenge | 3rd Place

Clare Smith

Annual Return: 85.21%

Queen’s University — 3rd Year, Concurrent Education. Drama Major, English Minor, Certificate in Business

Career Path: Art Administration or Education

I really enjoyed being able to actively participate in the stock market without the stress of real financial risk.
My involvement in Q.I.F.L., specifically the Investopedia stock challenge, has taught me a lot about analyzing market trends and managing my portfolio in order to make profitable transactions at the right time.
I hope that I can use the skills that I’ve learned in future personal investments.

Clare is in third year of the Concurrent Education program at Queen’s University. She is pursuing a Drama major, English minor, and Certificate in Business. Following her academic career at Queen’s, she plans to go into arts administration or education.

She successfully hedged her risk to achieve an annual return of 85.21%.

Let’s See An Overview of Her Investments

Long Investments

GE — General Electric Co (NYSE)

DVAX — Dynavax Technologies Corp (NASDAQ)

RGR — Sturm Ruger & Co Inc (NYSE)

AAL — American Airlines Group Inc (NASDAQ)

EL — Estee Lauder Companies Inc (NYSE)

ERJ — Embraer Shs Sponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 4 Shs (NYSE)

MANH — Manhattan Associates Inc (NASDAQ)

BAC — Bank of America Corp (NYSE)

TSLA — Tesla Inc (NASDAQ)

AMZN — Amazon.com Inc (NASDAQ)

LULU — Lululemon Athletica Inc (NASDAQ)

NKE — Nike Inc (NYSE)

AAPL — Apple Inc (NASDAQ)

GS — Goldman Sachs Group Inc (NYSE)

TWTR — Twitter Inc (NYSE)

LINU — LiNiu Technology Group (NASDAQ)

TPR — Tapestry Inc (NYSE)

MSTR — Microstrategy Inc (NASDAQ)


P — Pandora Media Inc (NYSE)

NFLX — Netflix Inc (NASDAQ)

F — Ford Motor Co (NYSE)

IPXL — Impax Laboratories Inc (NASDAQ)

Congratulation Clare on your hard work and thorough research.

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