2019 H2 Roadmap and Frequently Asked Questions Answered


  • Q-Wallet available for mobile users with the crypto wallet functions, supports ETH, EOS, NEO, QLC, QGAS
  • Q-Wallet to support QGAS/USDT OTC function,
  • QGas to be listed on Cybex, providing QGAS/USDT, QGAS/BTC trading pair
  • Confidant website provides an account application portal, to facilitate user to apply paid account from Confidant station owners.


  • QDEX to release beta version.
  • Confidant to add PGP Email function, support encrypted email
  • Q-Wallet to add QLC staking for Qgas function.


  • QDEX releases V1.0, start user onboard.
  • QDEX adds a listing auction function.

Oct onward (tentative)

  • QLC Chain miner nodes active
  • QDEX to add Copytrade function
  • QLC Chain to support easy chain generation
  • Q-Wallet to support more protocols
  • QGas supported by Ledger
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QLC Chain H2 Roadmap

Frequently Questions Answered

A1: The implementation of Montnets’ SMS platform is ongoing. The next stage for QLC Chain is to keep on enhancing public chain performance and meet the high volumn demands. QLC Chain is been using mock SMS to record. Users can’t see SMS transactions because they are private information. During the collaboration with Montnets, QLC Chain’s SMS billing and clearance platforms is ready and welcome other aggregators to get onboard.

Montnets hasn’t purchased the token yet. The purchase contract had been signed.

Q2: What’s the utility for QGas, how to see QGas are burned

A2: First of all, Montnets sending A2P messages, using Qgas for smart contract triggering fee

Secondly, in the ecosystem, QGas will be used as DEX transaction fee and OTC service fee.

Thirdly, QLC Chain will be building pilot projects and testbed projects based on the public chain with industry alliances, e.g to build a blockchain based-MVNO platform which requires QGas for operation

We will announce a burning wallet address for community to observe the QGas consumption

Q3: When will Qgas be supported by Ledger

A3: Developers added the task, will work on the integration using Ledger SDK

Q4: When would you have more SDKs in different languages

A4: Currently QLC Chain has SDK in Golang and JavaScript. We would also invite developers to join, reserving a pool of $QLC reward for developers helping us to transcribe the SDK. 20K QLC for each language reserved and opportunity to work with QLC Chain.

Q5: When Miners to be online

Miner nodes are testing now, we have invited community members for exclusive testing. The testing group will gradually open to all. The agenda also includes recruiting as many full nodes as possible, to secure QLC Chain, and achieve real decentralization. If you have the intention of being the miner nodes, now is a good time to contact the team.

Q6: Token swap schedule

Considering the cross-chain operation is completed, we lowered the priority of token swap. Mainnet token is mainly for voting, nodes incentive and QLC Chain has achieved it using staking NEP-5 QLC for native Qgas method.

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