QLC Chain is Honored to be the First Blockchain Project to Join the O-Ran Alliance

QLC Team
QLC Team
May 7 · 3 min read

To contribute to the decentralized smart billing and global RAN sharing

In the advent of 5G, in accompany with the ubiquitous AI, IoT adoption, the future network would be increasingly complex. QLC Chain is honored to join the O-Ran alliance, the innovation-driven group of operators, vendors that are committed to optimizing the network infrastructure.

QLC Chain and the O-Ran Alliance

QLC Chain will leverage its advantage in Ran Sharing and Blockchain, to contribute in the future network structure optimization, and enhanced service systems provision joining hands with the industry leaders.

Founded in February 2018 by AT&T, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, NTT DOCOMO and Orange, the O-RAN Alliance was established as a German entity in August 2018. The Alliance is established at the backdrop of achieving multi-vendor, interoperable, autonomous of network operations, at the same time to reduce OPEX (operative business expenditures/costs).

QLC Chain team has extensive experience in Ran Sharing. This technology is designed for global mobile communications equipment vendors, introduced for different operators to share the co-constructed communications network infrastructures.

Allen Li, chief architect of QLC Chain owns the patent of “Method and apparatus for obtaining information from target base station” which is a Ran Sharing solution.

At the current stage, with the adoption of blockchain technologies, QLC Chain is aiming to achieve the auto billing of different virtual communication resources on the same physical base station, for example, smart billing of the firewall, storage, routing, addressing services.

RAN sharing is the most comprehensive form of access network sharing. It involves the sharing of all access network equipment, including the antenna, mast and backhaul equipment. Each of the RAN access networks is incorporated into a single network, which is then split into separate networks at the point of connection to the core. MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) continue to keep separate logical networks and spectrum and the degree of operational coordination is less than for other types of active sharing.

QLC Chain will join relevant working groups within O-Ran and spearhead the Blockchain enabled initiatives. “It is a great pleasure to join O-Ran, the leadership community that will drive the innovation, standardization and application. We believe that with the adoption of QLC Chain, the fragmented ownership of network resources, smart billing, smart sharing will be fastly implemented in the future network structure” Says Allen Li.

QLC Chain multiple O-Ran Alliance members and contributors

QLC Team

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QLC Team

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