QLC’s Annual Review and Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year (新年快乐)everyone, QLC has been more than one year old and we would like to express our gratitude to every supporter through the year! QLC Chain has made rich progress in our first year, starting from the dApp WinQ, to the public chain development, to the solid partnership with Montnets as well as the most anticipated hardware device. We are taking this opportunity to review the milestones and progresses with useful links.

Blockchain technology will have a great contribution in the telecom industry, especially at the dawn of the 5G and wider IoT adoption.

Public Chain TestNet

Qlink rebranded to QLC Chain in May focusing on Multidimensional Block Lattice structured public chain development. In October, we proudly announced the launch of QLC Chain Testnet. Along with the testnet there are web explorer and web wallet available. Source code published on Github welcoming developers community to examine and build upon. By January 2019,the public chain has published 4 new versions.

Partnership with Montnets Group to build the Global Data/SMS clearance platform

QLC Chain has formed a partnership with China’s leading Cloud Communication Service Provider Montnets Group to build the enterprise level global Data and SMS clearance platform. Montnets has over hundreds of thousands of enterprise customers and strategic partnerships with leading companies such as Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, Bank of China, Ping An Insurance Group, China Merchants Bank and more. Montnets also has long term partnerships with China’s top three operators, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom. By combining resources from both parties, the Blockchain based platform will promote and enable the enterprise-level global SMS platform adoption. This solution is in line with the E2P SMS platform introduced in the whitepaper. Montnets Group business supports 2.1 billion SMS annually that means there will be 4 billion blocks generated on our public chain. When this is achieved, QLC Chain will support the most transaction records on a public chain.

Bandwidth Monetization Ecosystem

WinQ is a dApp running on NEO started with the name Qlink MVP. The sourced code of WinQ (both Andriod and iOS) were published on Github and later handed over the developer community PlayBlockz Collective for continuous operation and development.

WinQ 2.0 was launched in Jan 2019, supporting multiple blockchain wallets and introduced Wgas as a utility token in the App.

Private Communication Service — PPR + PPM

At Consensus Singapore which was held in September, QLC Team demonstrated the private communication service. The private router based messaging app leaves no trace on the internet that protects everyone’s online conversation from prying eyes. In addition, it features the function to convert your domestic broadband to a VPN asset to be registered on WinQ, offering an alternative channel to earn QLC.

The presale of the services is estimated to start after Lunar New Year! Lucrative discounts prepared for QLC holders.