Qlink dApp name revealed — introduce WinQ to all

After three months development and effort, Qlink dApp has released 11 versions in total. With our WiFi sharing, VPN sharing, Wallet and most recently Instant Messaging functionalities available, the date for getting our product on Android App Store is targeted to be April 3rd.

Qlink called for our product name to community members two weeks ago and received over 100 ideas. Thank you all again for your continuous support!

At last, WinQ was the chosen one, after countless rounds of discussion, interpretation. This was proposed by our member from Reddit whose ID is @RockyrobinH

Which interpretation you feel the most of?

  • Short for Wireless and Link
  • A Wink 😉 to connect Qlink
  • Win QLC
  • Others

Stay tuned for our brand new user interface which will incorporate the new name — WinQ. Now, a peek of our welcoming page. More to come.

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