Qlink in New York with Ontology & NEO Community

Qlink was privileged to join Ontology Network, NEO and other fantastic NEO ecosystem projects — TheKey, AlphaCat, DeepBrain, PeerAtlas and Neon Exchange — in New York for the Ontology Network launch and NEO ecosystem community meetup.

The long flight from Hong Kong was worth it!

Allen Li — Chief Architect, Susan Zhou — C-founder and COO, and Dean Jeffs — Head of Community Engagement were all in attendance. We were excited to present the Qlink project to a room full of new faces, at 28 Liberty, downtown Manhattan, overlooking the iconic Statue of Liberty.

From Left to Right: Allen Li, Susan Zhou, Dean Jeffs

Susan took the stage first to present our decentralized mobile network solution, as well as outlining the experience our team has in the mobile network industry through Youyou Mobile. She then described the basic network architecture, which utilizes both the NEO blockchain and the Qlink Chain to allow users to register and share telecom assets with other members of the network.

Susan presenting at Ontology & NEOmeetup in New York

A major component to the Qlink project is the Qlink BaseStation, which will allow users to expand the 4G and Wi-Fi coverage of the network. Susan pointed out how this is a potentially invaluable solution for developing countries who need access to data, and would otherwise require investments in the range of the billions to build traditional telecom infrastructure. The Qlink BaseStation can be deployed anywhere and make every user a service provider.

Susan then handed over to Dean who walked the audience through the applications that can be built upon this technology. Dean explained how Qlink can improve upon the current Wi-Fi sharing methods by registering hotspots to the NEO blockchain as a digital asset, and then using smart contracts to authorize the P2P transmission of Wi-Fi passwords directly from a router to a device.

He also detailed multiple scenarios where content could be bundled with data to provide new methods of content distribution. This is achieved by registering content to the Qlink chain, which is then hashed to create an unique fingerprint. When content is accessed by users of the network, it is hashed again. If we detect two matching fingerprints, we can add that data transaction to a content consumption ledger and bill the correct account accordingly. Content providers like Netflix could then purchase data and allow users to stream videos with the data being deducted from Netflix’s own account, rather than the users. This also has applications in areas such as online learning, where students would be able to access online education material like lecture videos and study notes without needing to use their own monthly data.

We also announced during our presentation the opening of our pre-sale on November 28th.

We also enjoyed listening to Jun Li from Ontology present their new distributed trust network, Da Hongfei outline the evolution of NEO, Fabio Canesin from NEX describe their new exchange with exciting features like a ‘smart wallet, Dr. Li Bin, JC Xu and Kenneth Hsia from AlphaCat present a vision where robot traders replace hedge fund managers, the charismatic Dr King from TheKey convince us all that digital identity is the most important part of a smart economy, He Yong from DeepBrain detail their AI platform on blockchain, and Colin Closser and Brad Mattson from PeerAtlas take up their quest to make medical information free.

Afterwards we had a great time talking to all the wonderful community members who approached us with questions, and we never cease to be amazed by how vibrant and intelligent the blockchain community is. We hope that many of you will continue with us on our journey to build the world’s first decentralized mobile network.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended the event and Ontology and NEO for inviting us along. We can’t wait for the next meetup, and we also can’t wait to return to New York!

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