Qlink meets the NEO community in Singapore

It was a pleasure for us here at Qlink, being a Singapore based blockchain project, to participate in the first ever NEO meet up in our country. We had a big team present, including Susan Zhou, co-founder and COO, Allen Li, chief architect, Roger Lim, head of investor relations, Tony Gu, head of strategy and Toya Zhang, head of PR & marketing. We were also honored that our advisor Mock Pak Lum, who is the former CTO of StarHub, could join us at the meetup as well.

Qlink team in Singapore

The meetup began with remarks from Tony Tao, Secretary General of NEO. Tony introduced the X-Token and spoke about some philosophical approaches on the evolution of organisations.

Susan and Tony
Tony Tao

Susan Zhou then took the stage and introduced the Qlink project. She discussed how Qlink plans to manufacture BaseStations that will enable users to provide LTE network coverage, complementing existing mobile networks. This hardware will ultimately be a valuable solution for network black spots, whether in urban areas during peak times or rural areas where the existing coverage is simply not enough.

Susan Zhou

We were asked many excellent questions by the audience during the Q&A session, as well as after the event. We are very happy to share some of these questions and answers with you.

Q1: What’s the advantage of Qlink’s BaseStation in terms of cost compared to existing base stations.

A: The BaseStation developed by Qlink is ‘all-in-one’, which means it integrates core network and gateway providing radio signals for mobile devices. The cost of the BaseStation is approximately $150. The advantage of the Qlink BaseStation lies in the security, flexibility and its nature as an investment, which can generate revenue for owners who share its signal.

Q2: From my understanding, Qlink is building a separate public chain for the telecom industry. How is it related to the NEO ecosystem?

A: Qlink will develop both on NEO and develop a dedicated telecom public chain. Telecom assets including Wi-Fi, SMS and data will be registered on NEO, and transaction records will be recorded on the Qlink chain. We chose NEO because of its speed, community environment and strong development team.

Q3: The project sounds very ambitious, renovating the telecom industry from the ground up. Does this mean you are encroaching on the telco incumbents territory?

A: We are more of an enhancement. For example, Qlink will help to create a prosperous and secure Wi-Fi sharing economy and will also compliment their existing network coverage. Moreover, Qlink will allow them to generate more revenue by offering new business opportunities with content providers, such as advertisers, improving their ROI.

Finally, we would like to thank the NEO community for their hospitality and thank you for participating our Proof-of-Engagement handshake program!

Handshakes with Qlink team