Qlink signs cooperation agreement with Cenntro Automotive Group, partnering in blockchain based Internet of Vehicles development

Qlink embarks on telecom services for IoV

QLC Team
Dec 11, 2017 · 2 min read

Qlink, the Singapore based blockchain startup building the world’s first decentralized mobile network have announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with Cenntro Automotive Group to develop Internet of Vehicle (IoV) technologies by deploying blockchain based telecommunication solutions.

The two entities have agreed to establish a joint venture company focusing on electric vehicle manufacturing and blockchain technology deployment. Qlink will provide technological support for Cenntro Auto by developing the foundational blockchain based telecommunication platform, including telecom asset registration, vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology development and IoV mobile data billing.

Cenntro Automotive Group is a global technology company that operates a “Co-op” automotive manufacturing platform, providing a full spectrum of electric vehicle technology, development, and supply chain services. This platform innovates the vehicle manufacturing industry by decentralizing the automotive value chain, creating an ecosystem of resources that collaborate to design, build and sell vehicles.

In addition, Qlink is scheduled to launch their vehicle mounted base station by the end of 2018, enabling automotives to provide mobile LTE network coverage. The cooperation between Qlink and Cenntro will accelerate the implementation of the Qlink project. Vehicles manufactured by Cenntro will be equipped with base stations and registered as telecom assets to the NEO blockchain. Mobile billing information will be recorded to the Qlink chain, which is a dedicated blockchain for the telecom industry.

Qlink’s mission is to build the world’s first decentralized mobile network and an open source blockchain based telecom infrastructure to support all forms of communication. When the IoV is put into commercial use, it will generate ultra-frequent and large amounts of data consumption, challenging the traditional telcos’ network speed and coverage capabilities. In addition, the current network billing system is not suitable for industrial usage.

Allen Li, CEO and chief architect of Qlink says, “Cenntro is the ideal partner for Qlink to develop and launch IoV services. Vehicles are as indispensable as telecom services in our modern lives. Closely combining the two will build a smarter transportation structure for the future.”

Wang Zuguang, one of the founders of Cenntro was the founding member of Unitech Telecom, which later re-branded to UTStarcom. UTStarcom is a global telecom infrastructure provider, focused on delivering innovative carrier-class broadband transport and access (both Wi-Fi and fixed line) products and solutions. UTStarcom was founded in 1991 and began trading on the NASDAQ in 2000.

Wang has shifted his focus to the IoV industry, believing telecom native vehicles are the future of automotive. Qlink’s decentralized mobile network solution further enhances the communication agility and capability of the vehicle network.

QLC Team

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QLC Team

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