How to find funds for crypto investments?
Unorthodox ideas for times when you are short on cash

You are interested in the blockchain technology, of course, you are here for the technology but you are not going to say no to crypto riches. We understand without judgement.

The only problem…

LOCI has been flying under the radar and has re-traced back to ICO price. In our opinion, this is an excellent long-term project, one that brings the true use case of blockchain technology into use before most other ‘concepts’ come to life.

If there is any painful process of claiming…

QRIP GROUP | PROJECT IN REVIEW | RIVETZ —Security as ‘Quality’ rather than just a protection layer”.

Security has not caught up with technological advancements. We live out of our mobile phones and our smartphones contain all the sensitive information inside them, ready to be exploited.

Rivetzcombines a…

There is a joke in the crypto-space: “Millionaire in crypto but broke in fiat”. This situation exists primarily because there is no easy way to cash out your profits into FIAT whenever we wish to.

There is a long procedure. You have to first sell your cryptos into BTC, transfer…

QRIP picks FLUZFLUZ, with massive consumer market in US, penetrating into the loyalty reward market.

There are lot of consumer loyalty programs out there. Most of them offer individuals discounts for using a certain app or coupon or code.

What is there was a consumer loyalty program that lets you:

- Use your loyalty points to redeem merchandize, fiat or crypto?

- A loyalty program…

There are very few projects that can make blockchain usage a reality. One such project is TheKEY; It is not just our opinion, Forbes agrees with us “Innovative projects like… …Thekey could even be leveraged to empower governments and citizens”

TheKEY has been on our radar for quite a while…

QRIP Multiplier Experiment is launching on March 16 and the direction of QRIP group.

“Small minds discuss people; Average minds discuss events; Great minds discuss ideas;”

If that quote were to be believed then it will be no exaggeration that QRIP has been a place for great minds. No shill…

Taylor in their own simple terms is a smart cryptocurrency trading assistant.

They are going to bring quality signals and trading capabilities from multiple exchanges on a single platform, enabling users to make money every day (or even every hour). …

RK Reddy

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