We just made 60.000 things that people don’t like

Mar 28, 2017 · 2 min read
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Working with advertising is sometimes controversial

In general people would tell you when asked that they don’t like ads, that they are annoyed by TV commercials. They would agree that most of the time they can’t even remember what they saw or even less the content of the message. Some even take efforts to block digital ads completely.

Still, advertising is a crucial part of business. No matter how small of a company you run or how tiny your marketing budget is, advertising is what keeps your business going. Products are bought and companies survive. You need it, and it works.

Having created more than 60.000 ads we are often faced with questions regarding the future of advertising. Is print going extinct, are digital banners really working and what about ad blockers?

Even though we can’t tell the future we do believe there are three things that always will make an advertising campaign successful, no matter the content or channel.

  1. It has to have a clear purpose

Pretty obvious, right? The fact is that our biggest and most reoccurring challenge is convincing clients that in advertising quality trumps quantity.

Being fed scary numbers and taught to fear missing out on the latest, many advertisers believe that high-quality advertising is too time consuming and too expensive. This isn’t true. Some of the best work we have done is for some of the smallest companies with the smallest budgets (and definitely the least time).

What distinguishes them from their larger competitors isn’t their anti-corporate business structure or their LEAN workflows. It’s the fact that they understand the control you get from having defined a clear purpose, the effect of being relevant for your target groups and the result of looking good.

With this embedded in our hearts we will work tirelessly with bringing quality back to advertising from our small corner of the industry. Even if it means making 60.000 more things that people don’t like.

Jesper Komstadius
Co-Founder of QUAD

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