QuanTrader©, the certified quantitative trading system became available to private traders

QuanTrader © is a sophisticated certified quantitative trading system. It uses the latest scientific resources and was built by a group of mathematicians and quantitative analysts to help traders and investors in their trading decisions.

The system itself is based on number theory, macro-levels and on the statistical modelling of the financial markets, and can be used on the Forex, CFD-s and precious metals market.

In April 2016 QuanTrader Global has announced that they decided to offer 3 licenses for sale to private customers in 2016 to test if it would be a good area to expand.

QuanTrader © Pulse Signal Charts have been used by brokerages and quantitative analysts since 2011 to analyse the behaviour of price and to predict market movements on multiple-instruments. Being an institutional trading system, it has never been available to the wide public, until now. During 2015 and 2016 QuanTrader © was completely redesigned to fit the needs of private traders too and in April 2016 QuanTrader Global released 3 test-licenses of QuanTrader © Professional to the wide-public.

The 2016 version was designed to fit the needs of private traders, and the re-designed QuanTrader © Professional runs smoothly on the popular Metatrader4 charts.

This is a fantastic opportunity for private traders to get an official licensed version of this masterpiece trading system and be able to trade with the best kept secret system of bank traders and hedge fund managers. QuanTrader © is a registered charting software of QuanTraderGlobal and was awarded with the “Seal of Excellence” by the Forex Verification Agency multiple times.

Website: http://QuanTrader.org

Information for private traders: http://ebay.to/1NySXVy

Contact: info@quantrader.org