Arcation gives up trying to catch assumed Wave 2 raider “Elack_Of_Sky”

This was the shop that was griefed in Arcation.

On November 26th, Arcation initiated a search for a an assumed raider, Elack_Of_Sky, offering a 20 Diamond bounty to whoever would be able to hand over his pearl. Today, 2 days later, Arcation has given up the search for the griefer.

Apparently a deal between Arcation Nation Planner, Mr_Little_Kitty and Elack_of_sky had been made — Elack was handed a warning for his offenses in Arcation, and thus the case was solved. The owner of the shop “Puterking” has since the grief, rebuilt his shop on his own, using his own materials.

QUESTION MORE got an exclusive interview with Elack_Of_Sky.

Elack started off the interview saying;

You know, I never wanted to help them

(When talking about “them”, Elack is talking about the so-called raiding group, “ Wave 2”, which have been nothing but a joke on the server.)

Do you think you would have been treated fairly in the Arcation court?

Not a fucking chance. Their judical system is absurd.

Have you read Bonkill’s critique of it, and would you agree with him?

That you’re stripped of all rights? Potentially. Everything is up to the judge, and the judge is always from Arcation.

(Speaking about the Wave 2 he says:)

They noticed that I was nearby, so [they] extorted me into joining them, so I could be a person that could be blamed for most of the attacks. They threatened to attack the Reach.

So you’re not a part of the “Wave 2”?

Not a willing member.

But how did they “extort” you?

[They] threatened to attack the Reach…. I didn’t fully realize the military power of Arcation.

Was “NaClpositive” the guy who extorted you?

Maybe. I don’t know who did it. They did this weird shoot arrow, log off thing, and led me to a sign that had the threat on it. I’ve actually never met any of them.

But why did you write this message to me? — It would seem like you were the ones making the treats?

I was supposed to be part of them. I wasn’t supposed to reveil I was threatened. I didn’t know how else to respond without putting the reach in danger.

Must have been pretty terrifying when Arcation started hunting you then?

Oh yeah. Fucking terrifying. I had just enough time to make a boat and sail out. I think I landed in the OFR.

Adding to this interview, Elack is very glad that the “Wave 2” have disbanded, and he hopes they will not make a return on the server.


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