Did Bonkill arm the Comlads? Exclusive interview & more

Bonkill, the leader of the infamous and controversial group, 6, has been heavily in the spotlight of the CivEx population, these last couple of days. The leader has been accused of arming a group, by the name of “The Comlads”. The group had previously “seized” parts of the Unions territory for a short period of time, before Arcation had to launch its armed forces, in aid of the nation — And thus reclaiming the areas back. The Comlads have been branded as a terrorist organization by the Council of Arcation.

We caught up with Bonkill, and will bring you an Arcation Today exclusive interview with the infamous character:

AT: Why do you think people claim that you armed “The comlads”?
Bonkill: How can I possibly read people’s minds. 6 has a number of very vocal opponents who hop on any opportunity to drag our name through the mud.
AT: Did you arm “The comlads” with armor/weapons?
Bonkill: We did not. Two of the ‘comlads’ based with us, had access to food and building block chests, and helped dig out our vault hole. They enchanted all of their gear on their own, they hardly needed assistance from me. If you ask any of the Union forces, they were undergeared if anything. If I was to help them, they’d have full pot loadouts.
AT: Why do you think “The comlads” broke away from 6?
Bonkill: A number of our members are getting fed up with the server. People constantly harass us on the subreddit, try and make fun of us, then treat us like the bad guys. We’ve done nothing wrong… yet. If we keep getting treated like bad guys, why not just become the bad guys?
AT: What is your opinion on “The comlads”?
Bonkill: I only know two of their members, I can’t speak about them as a whole.
AT: What is your opinion on Arcation?
Bonkill: I like Walkers, I think Arcation and 6 have an interesting relationship with only the occasional insult thrown around. Walkers runs a tight ship and they are no the trouble makers on the subreddit.
AT: Do you have any other comments?
Bonkill: I’m still incredibly disappointed in the actions of multiple Salsus members who griefed Frell. I’m also disappointed in MoP for not demanding immediate action. We will support Frell in exacting justice any way possible if Salsus does not comply with MoP’s demands.

As a side note, it appears as Bonkill is confusing the leader of Arcation, with the Head of Foreign Affairs.

We also tried getting an interview with the terrorist group The Comlads’ leader, _Riikozaku, who had previously “threatened” to take over Arcation, however we did not get a response. Maybe because WE SUCK, as he would word it.

Bonkill bans 15 players from 6 territories, including 1 Arcation citizen

Yesterday, October 15th, Bonkill banned 15 CivEx players from entering the nation, 6’s territories for no apparent reason. A thread appeared yesterday, on the CivEx subreddit, named “ CIVEX’S MOST ANNOYING NATIONS! YOU WON’T BELIEVE #3!!!!!” mocking the nation 6.

6's leader Bonkill promtly responded, saying “ Do you really want to poke the beast?”. The leader then proceeded banning everyone who replied to the statement saying “pokes”, except for “psygate” — Reason? Because Bonkill likes him.

We asked president of Arcation, Gogyst, what Arcation’s stance to 6 banning an Arcation citizen from its territories for no aparent reason is;

A nation is free to ban whoever they want from entering their land. Arcation has no problem with some of its members not being allowed to encroach onto 6 territory. However, it is important to add that Arcation does not recognize 6’s claim on the entirety of the south pole, and as such will not consider that area part of the ban.
Aerial foto of the 6

Arcation Today, 16th of October, 2015.

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