Mike’s weekly message to QUOINE community (January 13, 2018)


Happy Saturday!!

With cryptocurrencies gaining more popularity and taking the financial world by storm, we are witnessing an explosion in customer signups on both QUOINEX and QRYPTOS. The demand in the industry has been too overwhelming to the point that many exchanges are turning away new customers.

However, we feel it is our fiduciary responsibility to continue to accept customer registration while scaling our customer support. We are doing our best to speed up the process without compromising security and safety.

- General Update -

  1. Performance of our platform:

We are happy to announce that the root cause has been fixed. There will continue to be small issues but hopefully no more critical ones.
We will also migrate to a new trading platform (backend) by the end of the month.
Once again, thank you for your patience.

2. Customer On-boarding:

We will continue to accept new customers but in order to speed up the process, we will do full KYC at the time when our customers request withdrawals (both Fiat and Crypto).

You will be able to make deposits (both fiat and crypto) and trade as much as you want even while your status shows as “Pending”. This is OK and only after full KYC will your status change to “Approved”.
But make sure to have your KYC verified before requesting a withdrawal.
*QUOINEX Japan will do full KYC at the time of customer registration for Japanese residents.

3. Deposit / Withdrawals:

This is where the biggest bottleneck continues to be. With thousands of deposits and withdrawals every single day, it is difficult to manage in a timely manner. Hopefully within this month, we can start processing multiple cold wallet withdrawals a day.

4. General Customer Support:

Kindly allow me to express my sincere apologies to many of our customers who have been experiencing delayed responses to your support requests. As QUOINE CEO, I would like to reassure you how much your trust and satisfaction are the driving force behind what we do. At the same time each and everyone of our customer support and marketing team is doing their best under extreme pressure. Please Kindly extend your love to our customer support team.
We have also opened a new Telegram channel dedicated to customer support inquiries at t.me/QUOINE_Support.
Please join this channel so we can address your questions in a more timely manner. Please note that your support inquiries will still need to be logged via support@quoine.com

We are also hiring for strong Customer Champions as we rapidly scale our operations. Please email your CV to careers@quoine.com

5. New Token Listing:

I would like to also update QUOINERs on our new listings of the week on QRYPTOS.
This week we went live with UBTC, VEZT, DENT, and Indorse on QRYPTOS. FidentiaX will be LIVE next Monday.

We also hope to have the self service ICO / Listing within Q1. This will allow QRYPTOS to have the largest selection of ICO and Listing of Utility tokens in the world. We want QRYPTOS to be the first place for any utility token ICO or listing.
Please stay tuned.

6. Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) and Rock Token ICO

As you know, we are extremely proud and happy to support GBX and its Rock Token ICO and are pleased to share with you more details of the upcoming ICO.

The entire Rock Token available for Public sale will only be USD6M worth of Tokens. We are happy to announce that we will be responsible for USD2.5M.
The breakdown will be as follows.
— GBX itself will offer USD3.5M worth of Rock Token. Whitelist to start Jan 15th and public sale will start Feb 7th. https://gbx.gi/token-sales/
— QRYPTOS will offer USD1.25M worth of Rock Token www.qryptos.com
— QUOINEX Japan will offer USD1.25M worth of Rock Token. *only for Japanese residents www.ja.quoinex.com

We encourage all QRYPTOS users to also sign up with GBX to increase your chances of buying the Rock Token as I am sure this will sell out very fast. The URL for GBX token sale is

For QUOINERs who already have a verified account on QRYPTOS, the only thing you need to do is to pre-fund your account with QASH, ETH, BTC.

As part of the GBX Rock Token ICO, I will do an AMA sometime next week with the CEO of GBX, Nick Cowen.

Once again, thank you for your support and have a wonderful weekend.

Mike K

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