Practicing Happiness to boost your Success

What is the most desirable thing that everyone wants?

Its money?


Mobile or laptop?

If you think these things bring happiness, let assume, you are right. But what you think about Bill Gates, and many others who have a lot of money. Are they happy, due to money? 
 I think no, because they spend their money in the charity that give them the real happiness. And this happiness is long lasting and never become faded. Whenever you think about that deed you had done, it brings a smile on your face. 
 Your mind works well when you are happy, either this is your business or personal task. Happiness also comes from respecting to others.

Now, I want to share my experience.
 I become sad, then negative thoughts come into my mind and these thoughts spoil my whole day, even these remain for 2 to 3 hours. Like when I think about my future or some bad past experiences, then it proves really bad for me. 
 Sometime I talk to my friend that is close to me and share my thoughts. But, this didn’t work all the time.

Then some time I get out from home and go on a long drive, on unknown ways. This really helps, it diverts your mind and force your mind to think about the next turn you want to take. 
 Another thing that I had experienced, walk in the fresh air, see the greenery and take a long breath. It bring happiness to you.

The most important thing I want to share, that gives you permanent happiness, “The act of kindness”. Always try to do random acts of kindness, kindness does not mean you only help someone needy. But you can listen your friend’s problems, talk to your parents and bring something for them that gives you real happiness. 
 1 more thing I want to add here, you spent your whole day outside with your colleagues and friends. But you should spend some time with your parents and family.