Sharing Tips to Maximize the career

Sharing the 6 tips with your classmate in managing and maximizing his career

It was a really good activity, because I help my best friend Saad Hussain and Syed Usama.

Both are very Intelligent students and want study more. But I learnt from Amal and suggest them what should they do.

Six tips that I gave them.

· After your graduation try to grab the opportunity for job and internship. Because it will clear

You about your future goal and put you on the right path.

· Both have plans to start their own business, But also go for the PhD I told him If you want to be

An entrepreneur doesn’t go for P.HD or M. Phill. Just do MBA after Job and start your business.

· Spend 1 year, at least on your 1st job, It will teach you better about your interest.

· Don’t follow the decision made by other people. Just focus on yourself and take your own decision, so, You can’t blame others.

· Everyone has a different mindset and a different situation. So, don’t copy others, just try to focus on yourself and get make your own by own.

When I gave them, these tips, both are looking surprisingly on me. Then I tell them where I learnt these things. So, both admire me advises. But they become really curious, why I stopped them not to go for higher studies without internships, so I made them clear. The 2 nd thing that

They ask, why just MBA??? I told them, PhD is like a filter, it just focuses on one subject and as an entrepreneur, you have to focus on several things, like all-rounder. So, you go for MBA.

This was really the best conversation in my life, like I also internally satisfied, I’ve done some right work.