The Interested Challenge

Do you know about this challenge? If no, don’t worry, I will tell you.

In this challenge, we have to approach to our friends and family and ask about their self, you show them you are interested in them.

And 1 Rule for this challenge is, “You don’t tell them you are completing the challenge.” And see their reactions.

Now the problem is, what type questions can we ask?

The answer is, any question and if they put a question to your side, you answer them and at the end of your answer you change the direction of conversation to their side. 
 Some examples are there.


How are you?

What you doing in these days?

What about your activities?

Your schedule is too busy, how can you manage your time for yourself?

And what’s your future plans, do you want to continue your studies or move into professional life?

And when you ask about them and listen to them, they feel more comfortable and they also get interested in yourself. I mean you give them worth and in return they give it back to you too.

As per my experience, When I was doing this challenge. Result is very good. When I start talking to them, initially they make rely like casual. But when I ask more question about them they feel more comfortable and expressions are getting normal.

Actually, when I start, I just text one of my friend and start talking. After my 1st experience I almost contact to 9 of my friends on phone call. And the next morning I met them, they met me more excitedly than before.

And one more take away is that, when we give interview to employer, we try to make smile and feel them more comfortable. Like you have to show them you are interested in them. And make a conversation two way, not just giving the answers but make some little compliment.

Actually, in this technological era, we forget to give worth to others and try to avoid them. But our family and friends are our real assets. We sacrifice some of our time for them and listen to them.