Diya Jlae Rkhna hai…

It is said that charity is loan to Allah. We give Loan in the shape of charity to poor and needy people. Charity is an investment that double your amount. There are many charity based organizations who worked for the welfare of the needy and poor people. In Pakistan the EDHI FOUNDATION have it’s own recolonization. Abdul Sattar Edhi spent his life for the welfare of the people of Pakistan and sacrifice his life for the poor people. He was not a Man, Rather he was an Angel.

After his death his foundation faces many problems and the main problem is that they have short of funds. As our CEO of Amal Academy love so much with Abdul Sattar Edhi & Edhi Foundation they made a plan to do something for the Edhi Foundation and for the people of Pakistan. So we made a plan to raise funding for the Edhi Foundation.

We divided into groups and plan to collect funds from university of the Punjab and Barkat Market also. First we got together at University for fundraising. It was a very good experience. People love Edhi Foundation and felt happy and proud to help Edhi Foundation. We started from the department of research and Education and moved towards the Law department. Everyone cooperated with us and support us.

We Almost collect Rupees 3300 as a group and visit almost every department of the University. We all were tired but felt proud and happy because we did a very good act.

The Second day we visited the Amal Campus for the purpose of fundraising. It was our surprise visit at Amal Campus. All of our Program Managers and Program Associates were surprised to saw us there suddenly but they also felt happy when we told them our purpose of the visit. Everyone felt proud of our initiative and everyone support us and made their contribution.

We also felt happy specially when sir Benje and other Amal team support us.

We also did this activity individually at our hometowns and our departments. Every fellow did his best to support Edhi Foundation. This is all belongs to Amal Academy who gave us such sense and thinking. Thank You Amal Academy.

As I think this activity is really helpful for us because in this way we also test our skills of communication and motivation on others. We worked not for our own but for the welfare of people. We judge how to sacrifice.